__  __   __       ______  __   _____    ______    
/\ \_\ \ /\ \     /\__  _\/\ \ /\  __-. /\  ___\   
\ \  __ \\ \ \    \/_/\ \/\ \ \\ \ \/\ \\ \  __\   
 \ \_\ \_\\ \_\      \ \_\ \ \_\\ \____- \ \_____\ 
  \/_/\/_/ \/_/       \/_/  \/_/ \/____/  \/_____/

Hey Remma, thanks for the mix, it’s unreal! Can you introduce yourself and describe your ideas behind the set?

Hello. I go by the name of Thomas Reitzema, living in Enschede, The Netherlands and I'm 19 y/o. At first I was pretty surprised about you guys asking me for a mix (thanks again for that) so I guess I wanted to give you an impression about how my sets work when I perform.

When I play I am looking for the kind of interaction where the audience constantly gets a wake-up call. Rough, dynamic, fast & euphoric.

I like to combine old rave stuff like ‘Phreaky' - Techno Prisoners (1999) with recent stuff like ‘Reactor’ from Somatic Responses from The Praxis Collection (June 2017). Also I put some tracks from the album 'Physically Sick', (Allergy Season & Discwoman, 2017) in there. It’s probably one of my favorite albums that I have found in the past year. It has some pretty nice productions on it with artists like Umfang & Elijah.

You’ve picked a really tight selection of tunes and the mixing is impeccable. I really like the constant ebb and flow between the older hard rave cuts or electro, and the crushing psychedelic techno. What is it about the genres that you played that you like in particular?

Genres like electro, trance, acid and early hardcore give me a certain feeling where I want to surrender completely to the music and the moment. I think that's also why I always find it difficult to listen to acid mixtapes in my daily train ride to school. I would prefer to get up and run around.

Well I’ve been playing this on my commute- not sure what that says about me! Can you describe your influences in the music that you DJ?

I'd say organising my own raves + running an online radio station! I started playing in 2016 in a DJ collective with 2 friends. We occasionally played gigs in a local techno/house club at that time. After attending a lot of parties I started to go more my own way, and in September, 2017 I organised my first illegal rave under the name ITMOTR (In the Middle Of The Rhythm). I think that the radio ensures that I have a lot of contact with other DJs/producers every month, and that gives me a bigger picture of different styles, labels and artists- which helps me to better understand my own interests.

That’s pretty cool! What are the raves about?

So I started these raves because I think the feeling of total freedom is very important when going out. When you go to a club you usually have to wait in line, pay an entrance fee, hang your coat up at a cloakroom, collect coins to get a drink and pay for the toilet. these are all things that take away a certain sense of freedom for me. I think thats the main reason why I started these raves.

It’s really cool to see you so involved in the scene at such a young age. How come you’ve gotten so involved already? Has this been a passion of yours for some time?

I think that more and more people from a younger age come into contact with club culture & DJ’ing. When I used to start skateboarding (I skated for 6 years), I guess I quickly came into contact with older people. Those people also often went to parties in Enschede like Basic Grooves, Broodje Aap & Pikzwart. It's how I came into contact with club culture and genres such as techno/house. For example: In Enschede we have Basic Grooves (the biggest techno/house event in our region) which has been around for 23 years, making them one of the longest running club nights in The Netherlands. I also think the big difference in The Netherlands is that everyone can enter most clubs from the age of 18. You can also drink alcohol from the age of 18, which was even earlier from the age of 16. In England it’s like 21 right?

Ah, in England most things are 18 too. Maybe it's just a difference in cultures then. Can you talk a bit about your radio station in Enschede?

When Mees van der Wal, Joep Wiertz & I started the online radio platform with ITMOTR in our city it helped our scene a lot I think. Every week we invite a local DJ in our self-built studio to play a set and we also do monthly shows.

And what nights have you got coming up?

With ITMOTR we're trying to do another rave in the last week of 2018. And we're hosting the 5th edition of "De Verdieping", a collab with DJ collective VierBijVier, in January.

And I just got added to the line up of "Basic Grooves” (February edition). It’s the biggest techno/house event in my region. Other dj's like Courtesy, Skee Mask & Marco Đakic are playing there too. Very stoked about that!!

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