__  __   __       ______  __   _____    ______    
/\ \_\ \ /\ \     /\__  _\/\ \ /\  __-. /\  ___\   
\ \  __ \\ \ \    \/_/\ \/\ \ \\ \ \/\ \\ \  __\   
 \ \_\ \_\\ \_\      \ \_\ \ \_\\ \____- \ \_____\ 
  \/_/\/_/ \/_/       \/_/  \/_/ \/____/  \/_____/

Hey Emily, thanks for the stellar show! Can you introduce yourself and explain your ideas behind this mix?

Hey, so… I’m glad you enjoyed it. This was the most fun I’ve had recording in a long time. The creative freedom with no expectation and no ‘tailoring’ definitely allows you to be whoever you want. I have a habit of approaching a mix like a 4am set, but I did things a little differently this time with no build up and no agenda. I’ve included some tunes I wouldn’t necessarily put into a set which has allowed me to have fun without worrying whether you’re dancing or not.

That’s good to hear! The mix fits the Hi TIDE mould, that’s for sure. Would you mind expanding on what’s in your record bag at the moment?

I’ve never felt as lucky as I do right now to be exposed to so much incredible music. I don’t tend plan my sets so picking records for a particular night is hard. I guess I have 2 main categories... 1) what’s new, that people simply have to hear because it bangs, and 2) what’s not new but is a sure fire weapon.

There’s so many individual releases to mention but if I’m going to call out a few that’ll be in my bag for the next few weeks, I have to mention the new Mor Elian on Hypercolour, it fits perfectly into almost any play-time. Cultivated Electronics - the new Maelstrom, and some of the latest CPU releases (in particular 96 Back and LA-4A) appease my bleepy needs. The latest Beats of Rage is super dark and gritty and I could listen to it all day, though sadly not available on wax.

I’ve also been picking up some pretty old records, including a Dirty Hospital record from 2004 in Spacehall and I think that’ll be staying in my record bag for a while. I also ‘borrow’ a number of my other halfs DTM and UR records because ‘what’s mine is yours’. His collection is impeccable and I’m grateful to be influenced by his taste.

I can definitely agree with you there. I also picked up those two CPU releases recently and have been rinsing them non-stop. Likewise, I have the Dirty Hospital record on Control Tower which I don’t think has ever left my bag and probably never will. With such an ear for music, have you started making your own stuff?

I have, and perhaps I’m being overly protective of the music, the process, and myself, but I won’t be putting it out there until I’m confident in what I’ve done. Someone told me that we’re always be remembered by the music we produce, so getting the first EP over the line will definitely be the biggest hurdle. I’m heading into this blind, with no premeditated objectives and no dictated sound in mind and I don’t want to rush that exciting exploratory stage of finding what sound represents me right now. Perhaps it’s just me but the DJ to producer route definitely changes the way you think, it’d be easy to think of the dancefloor-appropriate end-game and try fit the sounds around that, but I’m trying to retain as much creative freedom as possible and I’m having a lot of fun doing so.

That’s a really interesting perspective. It’s quite inspiring to hear that you’re striving to make music that’s not just a means to an end, but something with purpose and creative expression. Do you manage to strike a balance between music and work?

I don’t - it’s either too little sleep or not enough music. That being said, I’m putting a lot more into the music now than I ever have before, there’s this extra oomph of passion and not allowing myself to make excuses anymore, which is really helping drive things forward. It’s hard not to feel the pressure of ‘this is what I should be doing every second of my spare time’. I’ve got so many people asking when I’ll release tunes. It’s a huge compliment that people are interested and excited to hear them, but it’s hard not to feel consumed by the pressure.

The best advice I’ve been given is to only ever do this for myself and no one else. No one will say in 6 months time ‘I’m not releasing your record because you should’ve done this sooner’. We don’t talk enough about industry expectations and its impact on mental health. I might have been djing for over 9 years but I’m only just starting out as an artist and I already feel an added sexy layer of anxiety which was never there before. That’s why it’s important we do this for ourselves and no one else, otherwise there won’t be any fun in it.